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Network of Self-Managed and Self-Financed Villages Banks in Senegal



Jekabara, founding member of Aliniha International, offers savings and credit services not only to Aliniha women and self-managed Aliniha Associations (AAA), but also more broadly to the populations of the regions of Tambacounda in Sénégal.


Set up in 2011, Jekabara is a Senegalese association that started offering micro-financing services in late 2012 under the impulse of Nebeday and the presidency of Mme Kadidia Sangare.

All its clients are currently Aliniha women, in addition to Tambacounda region’s 7 AAAs. They come to open savings accounts and benefit from a first micro-credit, thanks to a treasury advance from the Fondation Marie and Alain Philippson.

Jekabara aims to reach financial autonomy by diversifying and broadening its products and clientele.

Jekabara employs 3 people.

Our Support

The Foundation contributes, via its support to Aliniha International, to the funding of operationnal expenses of Jekabara.


Kadidia Sangare
Chairwoman of Jekabara 



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